Every day they are there. They check in your books, and shelve them; they answer your questions, and assist in a million ways to keep the library open, accessible, and create a place where everyone is welcome. They bring a myriad of skills and experiences to the table to enhance the public library experience, and we couldn’t do it without them. They are our Volunteers.


Our volunteers at the Cottonwood Public Library are vital individuals, a majority of whom come from two groups; the elderly and the youth. One group offers the wisdom of years of experience in life and expertise in a variety of fields, and the other brings fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and up to the minute technological know how. Together they form the heartbeat of the library, making it possible for libraries to remain open and operational.


Volunteers are representatives of the community and in the community.


Each week we will be calling attention to the impact our volunteers have on the library and our community, to the opportunities volunteering offers, and giving you a chance to get to know our volunteers personally. So next time you come in, you will recognize them and their immeasurable value. Please, introduce yourself and thank them for all they are giving back to us.


Raise the curtain, turn on the spotlights, and give them a round of applause.

Cottonwood Public Library Volunteer Interviews

Paula and Sonnie: The Buddy System at its Best

Caleb: Teaching Kids to Teach Computers


Sydney: "Study what you love and intern in what you want to do.”